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Nor-Alta Waste and Site Services Inc. provides clients with simple
waste management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste and recyclables, liquid waste, waste classification, and spill response. Our
all-encompassing waste and recycle service always includes:



→ Services/Streams:

•    Scheduled visits
•    Documentation including Waste Manifests and Waste Dockets
•    Manifest submission
•    Disposal Certificates (as requested)
•    Recycling priority
•    Waste tracking (as required)
•    Disposal processing, and
•    Waste containment assistance


→ Vacuum Truck Services

Nor-Alta Waste and Site Services Inc. currently offers the following vacuum truck services:

•    Sump cleaning
•    Carwash sump clean-up
•    Emergency spill clean-up
•    Grease trap clean-up
•    Oil separator clean-up
•    Septic tank cleaning
•    Line jetting
•    Catch basin clean-up
•    Septic tank services
•    Liquid waste removal
•    Steaming services


→ Spill Response

Nor-Alta Waste and Site Services Inc. offers highly trained professionals, available 24/7, to assist with Spill and
Emergency Response, including:

•    Spill site assessment
•    Spill site sampling (pre/post)
•    Site clean-up
•    Waste disposal
•    Site remediation
•    Spill reporting (if requested)


→ Waste disposal and recycling:

•    Used oil filters
•    Contaminated fuel
•    Used oils (motor, hydraulic, mineral)
•    Used antifreeze/coolant
•    Used aerosols (paint, lubricant)
•    Plastic drums/pails
•    Empty barrels
•    Asphalt
•    Used/empty paint cans
•    Batteries
•    Used Grease
•    Fluorescent tubes
•    Electronic waste
•    PCB Ballasts
•    PCB oil
•    Cylinders (propane, acetylene, etc.)
•    Methanol
•    Mercury
•    Sandblast sand/shop blast
•    Used absorbent material
•    Contaminated soil


→ Waste Identification and Testing

Nor-Alta Waste and Site Services Inc. provides necessary waste identification to allow for responsible disposal, including:

•    Hazardous waste identification,
•    Lab analysis (as required)
•    Waste packing
•    Waste removal
•    Waste disposal
•    Waste recycling

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We are committed to exceeding all service expectations. It is our goal to develop long-term relationships with all of our clients, while providing one on one service. 

Nor-Alta Waste and Site Services provides waste handling, waste disposal, and waste recycling for commercial and industrial clients in the Edmonton area. Nor-Alta Waste and Site Services focuses on the safe, affordable, and environmentally conscious collection, handling, disposal, and recycling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. 

Nor-Alta Waste and Site Services Inc. was founded as part of the Nor-Alta group of companies in Edmonton, Alberta. Since originating, the company has offered specialized service in sump management, waste pick-up, waste management, waste processing, and responsible disposal methods. Our diverse range of services provides our clients with an advantageous solution for hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal needs.  Currently, Nor-Alta effectively provides service to Edmonton and the surrounding area. 


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